FINDM makes prospecting easy.

Say goodbye to annual contracts.

Simple, a la carte pricing. No contracts, no commitments.

Buy only the data you select, and use it when you need it. Create your free account and do as many searches as you like until you find your perfect prospects.

Search for businesses and consumers in the US. Pay only for the contact records you select. After you run your search, download your CSV and import into your CRM or mailing service.

Straightforward prices. Easy.

Get accurate data you can use.

Selective aggregation from trusted partners. FINDM selectively aggregates hundreds of millions of records from numerous, established data compilers. Our proprietary curation process includes ingesting these myriad sources, standardizing data fields, mapping functions and levels, de-duplication, testing company and contact data, and applying various internal and external verification techniques.

This process produces our primary asset — a high-quality, regularly updated database of tens of millions of accurate U.S. contact records. 

You know your data is valid.

We send millions of records to our third party verification partners. These verifications include both email and phone number verification as well as ensuring that the records have the correct name, title and company. 

Data is constantly changing so this step is vital to us keeping the most accurate, up-to-date database possible. Credits for any undeliverable, hard-bounced emails will be replaced, no hassle.

What users say:

“I love FINDM because they don’t make me commit to anything monthly or annually. And the leads are absolutely great.”

Peter S, Baltimore, MD

“I’m able to search for good prospects and pay only for what I need. It’s fast and easy and I recommend it highly.”

Arnold F, St. Louis, MO

“FINDM let’s us drill down and find some really great leads. It’s been the best way for us to keep a flow of prospects coming through.”

Brooke M, Tempe, AZ

Finding the right prospects couldn't be easier.

View a sample of your business prospects to make sure you’re getting what you want, then download your results.